Ishita Sharma – Researcher at Centre for Energy Technologies, Department of Business Development and Technology , Aarhus University located in Herning, Denmark.

Ishita is investigating on how the process of electrification in ports make the ports sustainable and future ready satisfying the overall carbon-neutral goal.

(Energy Management Systems)- State of the Art-

The European Commission aims to make Europe carbon-neutral by 2050. Ports are committed to reducing Greenhouse Gases (GHG)s. EMS and its applications are being installed in ports to examine and optimize the energy efficiency of numerous port operations and related activities to attain the carbon-neutral port of the future. The talk focuses on existing EMS and related case studies in ports to conclude the relevance and impact of utilizing EMS as a solution for building a sustainable port framework. Furthermore, the study cuts across technologies/systems/policies implemented during EMS development in ports and benchmarks the challenges and benefits of such, enabling port stakeholders in decision-making related to best-fit EMSs.

Ishita Sharma