Arnt-Einar Litsheim - Director of Norwegian Ports

Ports have a major role to play in the European maritime transport strategy. Based on the Norwegian ports, Arnt-Einar Litsheim will discuss the ports' responsibilities in the green transition.

How can the ports help to promote development? What challenges do they face and what is needed for the ports to reach their goals?


Norske Havner works to make Norwegian ports 'importance visible and strengthen the ports' competitiveness, development and visibility. Our members are important social enterprises that facilitate efficient and environmentally friendly transport. Maritime transport accounts for a large share and is an important part of Norwegian transport work. Without our members, this goods would be transported by road.

Our members develop local businesses, create jobs and grow along the coast. In the future, Norway will meet both transport growth, requirements for reduced emissions and large business growth in the ocean space. Many of the solutions are located in efficient and climate-friendly sea transport. The ports, in other words, will play an important role in sustainable development going forward.

Norske Havner works to ensure that members have framework conditions and development opportunities that strengthen the ports' competitiveness and profitability, thereby creating a basis for maritime business development in an economic and environmental perspective.

Norske Havner is part of the employers' and interest organization Samfunnsbedriftene. As an industry organization, Norwegian Ports shall contribute to strengthening the ports' position and ensuring that Norwegian ports have good tools for carrying out their social mission. The organization has three employees who work with the port in a professional environment of around 30 employees. ”

– Norske Havner

Arnt-Einar Litsheim