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Inspirationsworkshop – Energimanagement og miljøledelse – 22 jun 2021
Torben Jepsen, Port Director of the Port of Grenland, has been kind enough to agree to talk about his and the Port of Grenland's work with energy management and environmental management based on ISO 14001. Torben shares his many years of experience with the system and presents how it supports the Port of Grenland's environmental goals and the green transition.

Torben Jepsen has just been appointed port director per. June 1, 2021. He has, however, been at the Port of Grenland for several years as assistant port director / operations manager. Prior to that, Torben has held several senior positions both in Norway and abroad, including as factory manager at Aaltvedt Betong in Skien and as quality assurance manager at Norcem's facilities in the United Arab Emirates.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Grønne havne – Cases fra NORDISKE havne – 6 maj 2021

Peter Enevoldsen, director of the Center for Energy Technologies / Aarhus University, has given a presentation for the Ports of Denmark in the working group for green conversion. The presentation “Research project about the green port, cases from Danish ports about e.g. green transport, shore-side electricity and the sustainable port you can see here.

Landstrøm på Skagen Havn – 15 apr 2021
Tillykke til Skagen Havn!

They have just entered into an agreement for a new shore power plant, which from October is ready to supply shore power to the larger ships, as an alternative to their own diesel generators. In addition to significantly reducing CO2 emissions, it will also significantly reduce noise nuisance.
As a partner in the SETS project, the Port of Skagen is working purposefully for the sustainable development of the port.  

Read more about the process on the Port of Skagen's website:

Skagen Havn
Leverandørworkshop II – Præsentationer – 12 apr 2021

Below you will find the different presentations. Download by clicking on the link.

Modelworkshop III – Presentasjon 15 mars 2021
Åstas præsentation af Elnett21


Emmas præsentation af Sotenäs Symbioscentrum
Leverandørworkshop – præsentationer – 17 jan 2021

Below you will find the different presentations. Download by clicking on the link.

Grønne havne – An Apple a day keeps the doctor away, eller hvad? – 28 jan 2021

Enjoy your breakfast in front of the screen for this 30-minute webinar, where Peter Enevoldsen focuses on the relationship between the political pressure, costs and then the real business opportunities of a green transformation of the ports.

Torsdag 28 januari 2021

See the full webinar below:

Presentationer från Digital konferens – 22 okt 2020

Below you will find the different presentations. Download by clicking on the link.

Below you will find a number of articles that have not yet been published:

NOTE! Remember NOT to spread these articles further but to respect our fine students who wish to share their as yet unpublished results. 

Towards Ferry Electrification in the Maritime Sector

Författare: Sadia Anwar, Muhammad Yousuf Irfan Zia, Muhammad Rashid, Gerardo Zarazua de Rubens, Peter Enevoldsen

Byfergen i Moss - Smartere transport

Formålet med denne rapporten er å presentere markedspotensialet for en elektrisk byferge i Moss, Norge.

Författare: Vegard Ravn, Kenneth Vidskjold, Christopher Sternefalk, Christopher Tammarak

Hvordan skal norske havner tilpasse seg miljøkravene?

Authors: Synnøve Sunne Hasslan, Kristoffer Ellefsen

Dry ports: research outcomes, trends, and future implications

Authors: Alena Khaslavskaya · Violeta Roso

This is an article that summarizes how the development has been around dry ports in general. If you want specific cases, there are references in the article to specific cases