The overall purpose with our project communication is to achieve the project's goals. The internal communication will form the basis for a uniform and consistent communication externally.
The overall goal with our communication work is to spread knowledge and understanding about the project both externally and internally.
Here you are important as a partner in SETS 2. 

SETS 2 - Broschyr:

En broschyr om SETS II projektet finns tillgänglig att hämta digitalt eller för utskrift. Broschyren finns tillgänglig på svenska, danska, norska och engelska.

Download logotypes here:

SETS 2 - Logotyp:

The SETS logo must be used on all types of materials that you have produced within the project. It shall also be used on information material, promotional material produced for, for example, conferences, seminars, publications, articles, presentations, etc.

Download logotypes here:

SETS logo is a graphic image consisting of a symbol and letters. The task of the logo is to convey a clear image and feeling. SETS logo is a combination of a battery and a text. The battery indicates electrification and the connection to the pilot battery.


We also have a separator that clearly shows the project's focus on ports and the sea as well as the battery. 

It is important that we treat our logos with respect and care so that they give a professional impression. 
SETS logotyp ska finnas med i alla sammanhang där projektet finns tillsammans med Interreg-logotypen. 

The logo must not be reproduced in sizes that change or destroy its unique character. The logo must always be placed horizontally. The size of the logo must also be in good proportion to the context in which it occurs. 

We will also use the Interreg logo in all types of materials that we produce in our project. 
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