SETS II - who are we?

SETS II is an Interreg project where we work together develops the electrified ports of the future. 
Here you can see a short introduction of the project:

SETS II contributes to a faster transition to sustainable solutions in the Kattegat / Skagerrak region's ports.

One of the goals of the 3-year project period is to develop an electrification strategy that can be translated into specific solutions and actions.

By working together across borders in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, the actors can gain insight into each other's resources, knowledge and experiences in the field.

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Ports associated with SETS II

SETS II - Partners

Sweden: Sotenäs kommun

Norway: University of Southeast Norway

Denmark: Energibyen Frederikshavn Kommune

Aarhus Universitet BTECH

Skagen Uddannelsescenter (Lead Partner)