Maria Bos, CEO Plug

Plug is a pure onshore power company with headquarters in Bergen. Maria Bos will share experiences from Norway, where several cities with cruise ports today arrange for ships to be connected to shore power when ships are in port, to reduce noise and emissions. Are shipping companies ready to change habits? - or do they find other destinations?

"Plug is a Norwegian company that offers shore power in partnership with the ports and is a driving force for more environmentally friendly shipping both in Norway and internationally. Bergen is the busiest port we operate in (Plug Bergen AS), where we have a total of 21 shore power connection points for different types of vessels and both low and high voltage

The first Plug company was established in 2018 by Norway's largest cruise port, the Port of Bergen and the largest power company Eviny in Western Norway. Since then, Plug has expanded to several ports in Norway, and now has shore power projects all over Norway and abroad. Plug does not supply any products (hardware) to the shore power installations, and it is the joint venture (Plug and the port jointly) that procures, owns and operates the shore power system. In this way, Plug is both a long-term technical and financial partner for ports that want to expand onshore power.

Landstrøm is the future energy supply for ships in port. The pollution of the air in ports, cities and fjords can be removed by using shore-side electricity. Shore power is electrical power from power plants on land to the electrical system in ships or boats moored at the quay. By using shore-side electricity, the harbor avoids air pollution and noise since boats such as cruise ships, supply boats and the coastal route no longer have to use diesel generators. Electrification and the transition from fossil to renewable energy use is an area of focus for Norway, which wants emission-free shipping. ”

– Plug

Maria Bos