Conference Program - 27 APRIL 2022

- subject to change


Tuesday, April 26th

  • 13.00: Opportunity for check in at Color Hotel Skagen
  • 14.30: BUS drives us to the Port of Skagen. Mikal Nielsen, operations manager at Skagen Harbor, talks about the harbor and gives a tour, which i.a. takes us past the new shore power plant and the latest major port expansion with a land area of 190,000 m2 and 1,050 m. new quay
  • 17.00: We drive to Grenen, where the 2 seas Kattegat & Skagerrak meet, where we - hopefully in sunny weather! - can enjoy a glass of champagne.
  • 18.30: Dinner at Restaurant Pakhuset
  • 21.00: The bus takes us back to Color Hotel Skagen



Wednesday, April 27th

SETS II konference kl. 8.30 – 17.00  Color Hotel Skagen

  • The conference is opened by Birgit S. Hansen, mayor of Frederikshavn Municipality
  • SETS II welcomes you
  • Keynote speaker Maria Wetterstrand talks about green transition, world goals, sustainability.
Session 1 (kl. 10 – 11)

1.1 The role of ports in the European maritime transport strategy

◦ Arnt-Einar Litsheim - Director of Norske Havner (N)
– presentation based on the Norwegian ports: What is the responsibility of the ports in the green transition? Where are the challenges and what is needed for the ports to reach their goals?

1.2 Supply security and infrastructure in the Nordic region

How do we ensure that the green energy is available at the ports?
Presentation by Professor Peter Enevoldsen, Aarhus University


Session 2 (Kl. 11 – 12.15)

◦ Jakop Dalunde, Member of the European Parliament (S) and Member of the TRAN Committee
 - the future prospects of the maritime sector and negotiations on a CO2-quota system

◦ Kjersti Bjørnstad, Secretary of State and responsible for Interreg (N)
– the importance of strong cross-border co-operation and co-ordination

Magnus Schönning, Program Director Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak
- on the Interreg program and cross-border cooperation in the KASK region


Session 3 (Kl. 13.00 – 14.30)

Green transformation of the maritime sector

◦ Maria Bos, CEO Plug (N). Plug er Norges største landsstrømsvirksomhed beliggende i Bergen.
Maria Bos will share experiences from Norway, where several cities with cruise ports today demand that shore power is switched on when ships are in port. Are shipping companies ready to change habits? - or do they find other destinations? 

◦ Elisabeth Lönne, Trade Director Stena Line (S)
Stena Line er verdens største privatejede færgerederi med en ambition om at være en leder indenfor udviklingen mod fossilfri søfart og bæredygtig transport til søs. Elisabeth fortæller om rederiets bæredygtighedsindsats med et særligt fokus på elektrificering af søfarten.

 ◦ Jens P. Buchhave, CEO Rederiet Terntank (S / DK)
Terntank are pioneers in sustainable shipping. Jens P. Buchhave talks about the philosophy behind and challenges in the process and gives his opinion on how the rest of the industry will achieve its goals. Can the industry itself influence development in the green direction or does it require legislation?


Session 4 (Kl. 14.30 – 16)

 4.1 Tools for environmental management and environmental management

◦ Ishita Sharma, Research Assistant Aarhus Universitet
Energy Management Systems – State of the Art

◦ Bjørnar Thorsen, projektleder Universitetet i Sør-Øst Norge (N)
- presents the PEPI model, which can contribute to an environmentally friendly and sustainable decision-making process for ports. The PEPI model is a direct result of the SETS II project

4.2 Link between the municipalities 'climate plans and the ports' green strategies:

 ◦ Bahram Dehghan, Chefkonsulent Energibyen Frederikshavn Havn Kommune (DK)
– describes the process of implementing local climate plans, including ensuring a link to the ports' green strategies

◦ Rune Hvass, Port Director Arendal Havn
Grønt skifte – blå logistikk
– nullutslipp i havn fra 2030


Panel discussion (16.15 - 17) 

18.30 Dinner